Stage 63
Level 63
Year 1
Season Winter
Moves 80
Tile count 32
Hatch rate 2
Goals 6


1 Star
2 Star
3 Star

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Stage 63 is the third level in Winter 1.



Clearing this stage can be extremely difficult. Players must remove dandelions and negotiate through the sleeping chicks--which obstruct, not aid the player in this stage--to access the cages on the opposite end of the hatchpoints. All the while, they must keep these aforementioned hatchpoints clear. To do all of this, prioritize completing chickens so that empty tiles are created for new eggs to fill.

Do not forget that dandelions can come from above and below. Players can also sneak chickens through the narrow passageway above, which is unguarded by sleeping chicks.

Three StarsEdit

Finishing with a high remaining move count is the key to completing this stage. Do not bother awakening all of the sleeping chickens, as they are not a goal.