Stage 18
Level 18
Year 1
Season Spring
Moves 75
Tile count 19
Hatch rate 3
Goals 5
1 Star
2 Star
3 Star

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Stage 18 is the eighteenth level in Spring 1.



Although there is little danger of getting stuck, note that the high hatch rate ensures that every hatchpoint will be filled as soon as it is emptied. Keeping this in mind, try to keep your eggs to the sides and finish them on flowerbeds as soon as you are able.

Three StarsEdit

This stage has a high score requirement to go along with the high hatch rate. Try to maintain a high combo count while playing in order to achieve three stars.


  • This is the first stage with a hatch rate of 3.
  • This is the first stage where flowerbeds and hatchpoints appear together.